The Challenge.

Renowned around the world, TED and TEDx platforms brings all walks of life to tell their story. In 2019, my team and I got the license to host a TEDx event on Temple University's campus. My task was to develop a social and visual platform that encompassed exploration, experience, and living while complimenting traditional TED and TEDx styles. 


the passion presented in our adventures.


From invigorating content from our speakers to digital networking, my team and I created a five hour event encompassing all things TEDx in our very own TempleU sort of way. 


the little things in life that make us happy.



Experience is not just in numbers. We chose 10 individuals who best represent the explore, experience, and live theme. In addition, we selected content that would give our audience variety and fresh insights.


in the moment instead of letting it pass by.



Putting on a full day, large scale event is no easy feat. With over five months of planning and executing, dozens of collaborating hours, and hundreds of snacks, myself and a dedicated team of 22 leaders work endlessly to make this a success.

© 2020 by Tarahgee Morris

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