To promote Black women activists, authors, and artists as the center of creativity, Harriett's Bookshop created a campaign highlighting the Black women legends of the past, present, and future.

We created a book called the Good book, which talk solely about the Black women authors, artists, and activists, and their achievements. 

To advertise the women, we created billboards and placed them around the Philadelphia area, showcasing how Black woman leaders of the past, present, and future set a stage.

We brought the campaign onto social media, involving several executions with Instagram posts, stories, live, and with Tiktok.

In addition to the social components, we wanted to create an opportunity for local Philadelphia spoken word artists. We asked to submit a 90 second poem about what it means to be a phenomenal Black woman. 

For further promotion, we created promotional merchandise that Harriett's can sell regarding these Black woman authors, artists, and activists.


Harriett's Bookshop is a Black women owned independent bookstore in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Owned by Jeannine Cook, Harriett's strives to foster a space centered in peace, love, and respect for the Philadelphia community. Especially for the artists, activists, and authors of the world. 


Taryn Kolas

Kelly Karwowski

Tarahgee Morris

Shysaun Whitlow

Megan McLaughlin

:  Account Manager

:  Account Planner

:  Art Director

:  Copywriter

:  Media Planner


Art Direction, Social Justice, Copywriting, Small Independent Business, Strategic Planning

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