The pencil?

Or the Crayon?

Do you see that tall glass of almond milk on that circle? Yup, that's me. Good ol' Tarahgee Morris.

For 21 long, hard years, I pushed and pushed myself to be the absolute best... foodie there is. Who said you couldn't make a delicious southern meal from plant based alternatives. 

Also, I am pretty creative. Ask me about almost any Pixar movie and I can most likely tell you the storyline, main characters, and my rotten tomatoes pending opinion on it. 

I am a professional kid. Wanna bet? Try me at any lego building tower and I guarantee that if I lose, I will come back with a different game I can win at.

I strive to empower folks of color through creativity. That is why I started CR8V Melanin. It's a platform that highlights the stories of Black and Brown creatives worldwide. 


Ogilvy NY - New York, NY

Art Direction Intern - Jun - Aug 2019

Office of Institutional Diversity - Philadelphia, PA

Design Intern - Feb 2018 - Aug 2020

Multicultural Advertising Internship Program - Virtual

MAIP 2020 Fellow - Mar - Aug 2020

Klein Future Pathways Fellowship

Pathways Fellow - Jul - Dec 2020

Ogilvy Fellowship Program

Fellow - Jun - Aug 2020

WPP NextGen Program - Virtual

NextGen Leader - Jun - Aug 2020

Karma Agency - Philadelphia, PA

Design Intern - Sept - Dec 2020

CR8V Melanin - No Location

Creative producer/Founder - Dec 2018 - Present

Philly Ad Club Diversity & Inclusion Committee - Philadelphia, PA

Member - Mar 2018 - Present

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I'm a Visionary. 

A Black man.

A Creative.

A Student. 

A Leader.

A Friend.

A Lover.

A Vegan.

A Person.

A Traveler.

An Optimist.

Honestly Crazy.

An Unfinished Story...

© 2020 by Tarahgee Morris


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